St. Paul's History

1869: Established as a daughter church of St. Mark's Episcopal Parish

1870: Became independent parish, with a church known as the "Memorial Church" completed at 608 Turner Avenue. Twelve stained glass windows were commissioned in memory of Civil War veterans.

1904: A fire destroyed the church kitchen. Rebuilding included an enlarged Parish Hall and facilities.

1941: On February 26, 1941 (ironically, Ash Wednesday), a fire destroyed much of the church. Rebuilding included extended chancel and a new floor.

1961: Memorial Church was demolished to make way for the US 131 Expressway.

1962: A new church was built at 3421 Leonard Street. The church was consecrated in 1962.

1980: Significant doctrinal changes in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer lead members to vote to secede from Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan. Affiliation began with the newly-formed Anglican Catholic Church. Following a legal battle, members began to make plans for a new building.

1988: St. Paul's current church on Lake Michigan was completed, complete with carillon and stained glass windows.

1995: The parish hall and kitchen were added.

2010: A
full pipe organ was added to the church.

2013: The new
JoAnn Poorman wing was completed and dedicated on August 4, 2013.